Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life and it's Happenings

Well, today is Tuesday. Last Thursday morning my honey left to go Elk hunting to clear his head and get some much needed relaxation, (whatever). He called today to tell me there is 6 inches of snow where they are camping and it's about 21 degrees, (how relaxing is that, NOT.) On Saturday I was having such a good day that I forgot I wasn't 21 any more. I decided to move my furniture around in the front room and that included my PIANO (I love my piano). If I wasn't so OCD, it wouldn't be so bad. So I thought it would be a good idea to move it from one wall to the other wall and that wasn't bad, but when I thought it need to be moved again, that's when it happened. I through my back out! Oh yes. It's something I felt before, and it wasn't a good feeling. I had to wait until Monday to go to the Chiropractor. First I had to find one because the last one I was going to had moved. I had my mother in law take me around to find one. It just so happened that there was one right by my house. He seems like he knows what he's talking about and I don't know if I like that or not. I had ex rays taken and an ultrasound. I had to go back today and see the results (scary).

So this is what he said: You were born with a birth defect on the lower part of your spine. Your car accident that you were in 28 years ago is showing it's appearence now in your body. The vertibraes in your spine are deterioating. You now have curvature of the spine, some kind of scoleosis and it is now leaning your body to the right which has thrown off your hips and your right hip is lower than your left. Moving the piano and hurting your back has just woke up something that was waiting to happen it was just a matter of time.

Well, that's just what I wanted to hear. Now what? I have to see him for some time and he said that we will try and get things worked out so later in life it won't be so bad. Who knows? Just a part of life I guess.

Josh is in school now and is very busy. Sara has started her school and is very happy. They are living in Upland, CA now in an apartment that they are calling home.

Shelcy is still up in Provo, working at Sears in the Provo mall and loving it. She is still living with her Aunt and cousin.

My work work keeps me busy. I have been the Service Coordinator for classroom teacher for Early Intervention for the past year and a half. As of October 1st, I have just been switched to the Speech Therapist over all 50-60 children in Early Intervention, doing home visit only. I will only work in the classroom on Fridays to teach 6 children. A new adventure, ya! We'll see how this works out.

I am still the Personal Progress Leader in our ward over the Young Women. Last week we worked on Integrity Posters to hang in the church, that showed what the girls stood for and what they were against. Next week we will go to the Pumkin Patch in Paragonah for Choice and Accountability. We will each get an ORANGE pumkin and bring it back to carve (they get to choose their pumkin and they are accountable for how they carve it, hehehe) it should be fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lately in the Carpenter house......

We have been doing good. For the past 3 days we have had my nephew, Chaz over for some special one on one time. Well, his mom Kelly had to go to Salt Lake and have eye surgury for her sight to come back. She is a diabetic and she has been losing her sight. We hope and pray that everything goes ok and her recovery time goes well. She will have to lay on her belly face down for two weeks while she recovers. Thanks to her mom, Karen who is taking care of her. The girls spent the last 3 days at their friends house playing, so I thought it would be better if Chaz got to be away from girls for a few days. Boy we have had some fun. Wednesday after school, it was early out day so I had to leave work early, darn and spend the rest of the day with the Chazer. We picked up his clothes from home and then did some errands. We had to stop because we got THIRSTY, that's my way of taking a break and getting a diet coke. We stopped at Brad's food hut and got a drink and a ice cream. After, we continued on with our errands. We got to stop by grandma Carol's and then to Uncle Rick's office. Chaz had a soccer game that night so we went home to rest and get ready. Some rest!!!!! As soon as we got home he wanted to play the Wii but the remotes were not charged, so he played to playstation 3 until he got board. Then he wanted to play Air Hockey, until I was winning, then he wanted to play board games, like Operation and Life. We finished with Life just in time for him to get dressed for Soccer. He scorred the only 2 goals that night and he played his little legs out. The other team couldn't get a ball past his team, so they won. Uncle Rick and I took him to Del Taco for the winning dinner. By the time we got home, the Wii remotes were charged and that's what we played for the rest of the night. By 8:30 I was pooped. We went to bed by 9. On Thursday, it was school again so we made it on time, but so did the school bus who pulled up right behind me and honked his horn so loud it scarred us and Chaz flew out of the car and shut the door. After school we headed home but stopped at a neighbors house to see if her twin boys would like to come to Funtime Inflateables with Chaz. She said sure that would be fun for them. I called another friend who has 3 boys differnt ages and asked if they would like to go, she said sure they would love to go. She met us their at 6 and the boys had a ball. Chaz was having a blast around all those boys. He was running like a maniac. Jumping from one thing to the next, sliding around, boxing in the boxing ring with giant boxing gloves, doing flips off the slides, air hockey, pool table, the crain game, hide and go seek and video games. Boy what a night. Bonnie and I got to sit and visit wild the wild men did their thing. We hadn't done that in years. It was good to get back in touch. Today Chaz it at school and after school I will pick him up and take him home. His mom and grandma should be back from Salt Lake. We sure had fun.

Last weekend Wendi came down here to Cedar and brought DJ, Brandee, and my Shelcy. We ate dinner at our favoriet restaraunt NINJA, then we were supossed to go to the Mud Bogs in Parowan but it got to late. We decided to go to Aunt Kelly and the kid's house to drop off invitations and they wanted to come with us having fun, so we decided to go to Funtime Inflateable's, but when we got there they were closed. We rented movies instead and watched them at home. Our boat has been broken for about 6 weeks so we couldn't go out on that, but the friends who actually broke the boat offered their Wave Runners to us so we could take everyone to the Lake. We loaded them up and headed off to Sand Hallow. It looked like it was going to be a wet and dreary day, but ended up sunny and warm. The girls had so much fun toodling around the lake, Uncle Rick had fun speeding around the lake. We hooked up a double seater tube and DJ and I got brave and let Uncle Rick and Shelcy pull us around. Bad mistake. He was going 25 and wipping us around so fast I thought I was going to fly out, I was scared for DJ who is all of 80 pounds. I had to put my elbow on her to hold her in. We laughed the whole time, our guts hurt. DJ and Brandee tried it next but Brandee had to stop because it was so scary. The girls built a sand castle on the beach and had so much fun, they forgot to put sunscreen on even after I kept telling them to put it on. They said: "We like to get burned" Well who's laughing now, LOBSTERS. We went to our usual dinner spot after the lake and had humungous Hamburgers at JB'S. We got back and decided to go to the movies and watch Proposal. Rick didn't want to watch the chick flick so just the girls went. Very Funny! They left on Monday and it was sad to see them go. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Summer is over, all the kids are back in School, seems like it wasn't a very long one, didn't a whole lot, I've been to Girls Camp and a Family Reunion, we only got to use the boat 3 times this Summer. I think it is fixed now and Rick and I plan to take a trip to Lake Powell just the two of us. We'll see. The wheather changes cold, hot, cold, hot. Fall is just around the corner. I just had a nephew get married the other day and a nephew getting married in a month. I am going to be a Great Aunt for the fourth time by the end of the year, boy I'm getting old. JK............lol As long as there's a boogy in my butt I will never be old. Keep smiling and Have a great day:)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up to Date Happenings

So, Rick and I have been busy with work things and just getting by, day by day. For the 4th of July, Rick's sister, Brenda came down to visit her mom and she brought Shelcy with her. We decided to take the boat out on Friday and Saturday, what a blast. Rick and I and all three kids and Brenda and Alexis went on Friday for a few hours to play. I don't get in the water anymore but it sure is fun just watching everyone else play. Afterwords we went to our favorite dinner place in Hurricane, JB's. We always seem to go there after a good time of boating. Brenda was not given the heads up before hand to bring extra clothes to go to dinner in, so she had to borrow something from everyone else, our bad, sorry. But it's her brother, she should know by now that he likes to do things like that spur of the moment. We were all prepared, hehe. On Saturday, just the kids and us went. We spent all day, I think everyone got their fill.

Ok, now the update news. Josh and Sara did not end up getting that house in Pamona, everything seem to going wrong, from fixing things in the house to the appraisal coming in to low for what the people were asking for the house. They are now going to rent an apartment in my old neck of the woods, Chino, while they pursue looking for a home. Josh starts school on August 3rd, so they need to get down there. They just found out last night that on the same street or the one right by there, 2 houses and an apartment building burnt down. That is to close for comfort, who knows if that house is next. Heavenly Father has a plan, and if you have "Faith in God, you should have Faith in his timing." We are excited for them no matter what.

Shelcy did get her job at Sears. She is in training right now, she's pretty excited. She is looking to get a job at Lane Bryants in the mall also, so I told her you go right ahead, ( she get's 55% off all clothes, so that's good for me, hehe.) She is still with her Aunt and loves it. They went fishing the other day at Payson Lakes, but caught no fish, just fun times.

Got the news last Saturday that mom decided to quit her job finally and move to Heber City. She called my dad one day, who was on the truck, and told him she had had enough. She wanted to be around family and that town was just not working for her, especially alone. So she drove to Heber and met up with Richard and said I want to find a house. They went driving around until they found one. She applied for a couple of jobs and got them and then drove back home and packed up her motor home. On Sunday she called Shelcy and asked her if she would help her by meeting her in Heber and then giving her a ride back to Richfield. Shelcy did just that, and she picked up her cousin, DJ while they were in Heber so she could have someone to ride back with. Mom had to work Tuesday and Wednesday at her job and the members of the ward where going to help her pack furniture and then she was going. I haven't talked to her today so I'm not sure if she's gone yet. Dad is supposed to be home on Thursday, but I'm not sure he knows what home to go to, ??????????? Life is funny, lol.

I went to a play on Saturday and watched my 2 nieces, Chelly and Chelani perform, CUTE. After the play was over they were on their way to California to visit their Grandma Webb and cousins and go to Sea World. those luckies.

Rick's mom has been updating her house, lots of projects. Since Josh has been off school and when he's not in Cali. he has been helping her with things, what a GREAT grandson. He cut down the tree in the backyard, dug out the stump, plowed the back and the side of the yard, fixed the rain gutter on the shed, painted, fixed numerous things in the house and painted again. She had my uncle Ken scrape her ceilings, tear down the paneling on the wall, haul the stump away and put up drywall around the house and all that goes with that. She had a painter come in and paint the new walls, light green. It doesn't look half bad. She does want Josh to come back and tear out some shelves in a room and then move the extra fridge and freezer to the other side of the house, for more room in her kitchen. I think she wants to get her kitchen painted next. Oh ya, she also wants him to build shelves in the laundry room for extra space. Rick, Josh, Sara and I went over to the house on Monday after dinner and Rick and Josh fixed the Air conditioner, Sara and I cleaned the dusty furniture, then we all move the furniture back where it belongs in the room since it was in the middle of the room from all the updates. It looks like a brand new inside of the house. Everything looked good. Now she wants us to come back next Monday and sift through her dirt to find old bulbs, huh good luck with that.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boy, changes have been happening, fun, fun, fun! I went to the Manti Pageant last thursday and met Shelcy and my sister in law there, I have never known the Manti Pageant to have so many mesquitos. I was pretty covered up but those pesky little suckers found my hands and my head to suck. They even tried to suck my brains out through my TEMPLE. Weird, cuz I was at the Temple. What a fun show though. We all enjoyed the play even with the rain. It was weird though it only rained durning the fighting scene's and when the Mormans were getting kicked out of town after town. A woman holding her baby, in the play, knelt down and told GOD she had no shelter for her baby and the tears that she was crying was the rain that was falling, then Joseph Smith or was it Brigham Young got them to a place were they were not bothered and it stopped raining. After the show Brenda dropped Shelcy and I off at my car and we drove to Richfield to my parents house to spend the night. In the morning mom had to go to work so Shelcy and I took dad to breakfast. Him and Che had the weekend off from driving the truck, so
we went Camping and Fishing in Panguitch for the weekend with my mom and dad and che and his kids and my neice, DJ. I dropped Shelcy off on Friday and I drove home, then Rick and I and Josh and Sara drove up Saturday. They rented a fishing boat Friday and Saturday, we rented a Pontoon boat on Sunday. Che caught the biggest fish on Friday, but I caught the biggest fish on Saturday. Rick again couldn't catch a fish (he told mom that was weird cuz he always catches a fish there, heheheh) He's full of bologna. It was fun and I didn't get bit once there, halaluha.

Shelcy is now living with her Aunt Brenda and her cousin, Alexis, in Provo, thank you so much Brenda for letting my baby stay with you while she explores. Her friends house that she was living in didn't work out, but that's ok because there are a lot more opportunities in Provo than Sara Toga Springs. She has been in Provo now for about 2 1/2 weeks. She has had no luck finding a job but does have a job interview today for Sears.

DJ, came back to my house on Sunday to spend the night, so on Monday Her and Shelcy and I drove to Heber. We stopped and met up with Wendi and Brandee at Deer Creek to basque in the sun and play in the water for a couple of hours before heading to the house. When we got to the house, my favorite JD was there watching TV. JD has finally met his love and they are planning on getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on September 25th, 2009. YEAH for JD. His fiance's name is Kayla. She drove to the house a short time later so I was able to meet her. We all went to dinner at a Mexican Restuarant in Midway, yummy food, it was my first time having a fish taco and it wasn't half bad. It was made with mahi mahi. We drove to Kayla's after dinner to see the 72 MUSTANG JD bought. He let Brandee, Shelcy and I take take turns driving his awesome car, WEEEEEEEEE. Thanks JD. We returned home and watched TAKEN, that is such a true life what can happen show. NEVER, I MEAN NEVER LET YOUR DAUGHTER TAKE A TRIP TO ANOTHER COUNTRY ALONE OR EVEN WITH A FRIEND WHEN SHE IS JUST 17, IF FACT, DON'T LET HER AT ANY TEEN AGE, EVEN 20, 21,22,23,24,25..............

Josh and Sara have found a house in Pamona, CA. They are waiting for everything to close so they can move, that should be by the 10th of July. They have posted a picture on their Blog. I can't wait to see it in person, it looks so cute. Dad and Che were in CA one day dropping off a load so they stopped by and seen it. Aunt Fran was in CA one day for a wedding, so she stopped by and seen it, Rick's cousins that the kids have been staying with and helping them, they have seen it, but one day when I get big I'm going to drive there and see it. Sara was given the opportunity to work at the swimming pool in Glendora, CA for Janet teaching swimming lessons to little kids for the time they were staying there and when they go back if the pool is still open for lessons she might get to do it again for the rest of the summer until her school starts. Fun and extra money. YEAH

Rick and I just live here in our little home by our little selves. We do enjoy each other's company which is a good thing. I am off this week from work so I can get something done, I don't know what though?????????? I am in the Young Woman's program again at church, as the Personal Progress leader, so I do have to get something planned for next week, hmmmmm. The Fourth of July weekend is this weekend so I believe we are going boating. I probably have to go to the store for BBQ things. Hope you enjoy my family stories, until next time.