Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life and it's Happenings

Well, today is Tuesday. Last Thursday morning my honey left to go Elk hunting to clear his head and get some much needed relaxation, (whatever). He called today to tell me there is 6 inches of snow where they are camping and it's about 21 degrees, (how relaxing is that, NOT.) On Saturday I was having such a good day that I forgot I wasn't 21 any more. I decided to move my furniture around in the front room and that included my PIANO (I love my piano). If I wasn't so OCD, it wouldn't be so bad. So I thought it would be a good idea to move it from one wall to the other wall and that wasn't bad, but when I thought it need to be moved again, that's when it happened. I through my back out! Oh yes. It's something I felt before, and it wasn't a good feeling. I had to wait until Monday to go to the Chiropractor. First I had to find one because the last one I was going to had moved. I had my mother in law take me around to find one. It just so happened that there was one right by my house. He seems like he knows what he's talking about and I don't know if I like that or not. I had ex rays taken and an ultrasound. I had to go back today and see the results (scary).

So this is what he said: You were born with a birth defect on the lower part of your spine. Your car accident that you were in 28 years ago is showing it's appearence now in your body. The vertibraes in your spine are deterioating. You now have curvature of the spine, some kind of scoleosis and it is now leaning your body to the right which has thrown off your hips and your right hip is lower than your left. Moving the piano and hurting your back has just woke up something that was waiting to happen it was just a matter of time.

Well, that's just what I wanted to hear. Now what? I have to see him for some time and he said that we will try and get things worked out so later in life it won't be so bad. Who knows? Just a part of life I guess.

Josh is in school now and is very busy. Sara has started her school and is very happy. They are living in Upland, CA now in an apartment that they are calling home.

Shelcy is still up in Provo, working at Sears in the Provo mall and loving it. She is still living with her Aunt and cousin.

My work work keeps me busy. I have been the Service Coordinator for classroom teacher for Early Intervention for the past year and a half. As of October 1st, I have just been switched to the Speech Therapist over all 50-60 children in Early Intervention, doing home visit only. I will only work in the classroom on Fridays to teach 6 children. A new adventure, ya! We'll see how this works out.

I am still the Personal Progress Leader in our ward over the Young Women. Last week we worked on Integrity Posters to hang in the church, that showed what the girls stood for and what they were against. Next week we will go to the Pumkin Patch in Paragonah for Choice and Accountability. We will each get an ORANGE pumkin and bring it back to carve (they get to choose their pumkin and they are accountable for how they carve it, hehehe) it should be fun.

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